Does your child struggle in gym, on the playground, or in local sport-oriented programs? Does he or she need additional help to develop better coordination, timing, and the ability to participate on a team? Is it harder to be a friend, make friends, and to develop skills that help maintain friendships? Children with sensory integration disorders, learning disabilities, Asperger’s Disorder, ADHD, or other developmental or neurological conditions can be challenged in many social situations.

These groups are designed to help kids learn to participate in social activities including athletic activities, group games, tabletop/sit down games and have appropriate conversations with peers. We work with each group to help them collaboratively plan activities, get the necessary materials and then participate in what the group has chosen. A big emphasis is placed on developing appropriate conversational skills by challenging the kids to ask peers questions, listen to what they say, and then respond appropriately based on what they have learned from their friend. Sharing, waiting your turn, conflict resolution, and problem solving in social situations are also addressed. All classes staffed by an OT. 1 1/2hr.each

Good Sports 1

This class incorporates basic activities and games that involve cooperation, taking turns, following and being a leader, and learning the rules and skills for simple games (ex tug-of-war, parachute games, jump rope, kick ball, Nerf hockey etc.).

Ages: 5-8 yrs.

Staff: OT

Class Size Limited 

Good Sports 2

This class focuses on the refinement of motor and social skills during games, sports, and activities. Kids will be actively involved in setting up activities, deciding who takes what roles, determining teams, etc. Skill development, as well as learning the rules and working with others as part of team, will be emphasized.

Ages: 9-13 yrs.

Staff: OT

Class Size Limited

Swim and Gym

This takes place at Sunshine Children’s Home and consists of 1-½ hours of sensorimotor activity. It is designed for those who need a supportive environment to learn to work in a group or be part of a team, to learn to take turns, win and loose games, and to deal with more competitive situations. A combination of gym and pool activities is used to make the sessions as non-threatening and fun-filled as possible. Limited spaces are available for the summer session. CLASSES ARE EVERY OTHER WEEK FOR 6 WEEKS TUES 4:00-5:30 PM

Younger group: 4-6yrs

Older group: 7-12 yrs

Staff: OT

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