Rehab Dynamics is committed to helping children and families in NW Ohio in any way that we can. We have provided therapy services in our out-patient clinic, schools, homes, daycares, and Early Intervention settings for the last 25 years. 

We recognize that your children continue to have needs and you need resources to continue to work on their goals, and assistance with some of the home programs they have been working on. Other people may have received services that are no longer available and need someone else to assist them to help their child. Our therapists believe that it is essential to continue to work on challenges your child’s faces, and being able to meet these needs during this uncertain time is our highest priority. We now have the ability to provide teletherapy including physical, occupational, and speech pathology for your child/children at this time.

Teletherapy can take many forms and all consultations or therapy sessions are done remotely via phone, tablets, or computers using a digital form of communication. This allows our therapists to see you and your child and to provide suggestions, treatment programs, and help families wherever their location is.   

Treatment sessions in the clinic continue to be very beneficial. but at this time this is not feasible and telehealth services allow you to get services through online services, they are easy to arrange, and provide the therapist a way to customize suggestions based on what  you have available at your home and what challenges are occurring there. Many insurance companies are not allowing coverage for these services because they recognize a disruption of services for children could be detrimental.  

Contact us if you would like to know more about how teletherapy can help you with your child’s challenges or to arrange an initial appointment at 419-841-1840 or Appointments are currently available with no waiting list. 

The only equipment you need to participate in teletherapy with a therapist is a phone, tablet or computer with a video camera and internet service. We look forward to discussing this with you.