Here at Rehab Dynamics we run a variety of Pediatric Therapy programs and events throughout the year. These programs are designed to help your child develop new skills and refine current ones.

Our goal is to help your child have good old-fashion fun while working on current IFSP, IEP, and personal goals. Pediatric therapy programs such as our annual summer camp, which starts in June 2017 and also some of our new programs for this summer like Little Book Worms- a program designed to get your child excited about reading. Learn more by browsing the articles below.

Annual Summer Camp

Every summer we run a camp that focuses on developmental skills including play and social interaction skills using a combination of Sensory Integration and Floortime techniques. A major emphasis will be placed on sensory, motor, cognitive and speech and language development during activities designed to be fun, interactive, and challenging.

Summer School Programs

Does your child need an opportunity for more individualized practice to help them work on IEP goals or individualized help in any one area, or to receive Extended School Year (ESY) services? This is a unique opportunity to have a program customized for your student’s needs.

Sports Groups

Does your child struggle in gym, on the playground, or in local sport-oriented programs? Does he or she need additional help to develop better coordination, timing, and the ability to participate on a team? Is it harder to be a friend, make friends, and to develop skills that help maintain friendships? Children with sensory integration disorders, learning disabilities, Asperger’s Disorder, ADHD, or other developmental or neurological conditions can be challenged in many social situations.