Floortime is an approach to teach the family to interact with the child through play activities.

The Floortime/DIR Model

Stanley Greenspan, MD, a nationally recognized child psychologist, and Serena Weider, Ph.D, developed the Developmental Individual Difference Relationship-based model (DIR), also known as ‘Floortime’. In this approach the child’s natural strengths, as well as challenges, are identified and incorporated into play activities designed to expand their abilities. The overall goal is to enhance
the child’s ability to interact appropriately with people and things in their environment.

In 2001, the National Academy of Sciences made the following recommendations for the education of young children with autistic spectrum disorders:

  • Begin interventions early (18 mo—5 yrs)
  • Use intensive interventions, 25 hrs per week
  • Have a teacher/play partner ratio of 1/1 or 1/2
  • Use interventions that are engaging and
  • Have a strategic direction (social skills, language, etc.)

They reported that following these recommendations could significantly improve language and social interaction. The PLAY Project uses the DIR model and instructs parents in how to provide this intervention in a manner that also follows these recommendations.

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